Chaukidar Meena

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Chaukidar Meenas

.The Chaukidar Meena belongs to the Meena community.

Chaukidar meena claims higher status than jamidar meena. They were kshatriya according to col. James Tod. They were famous for their bravery and courageous and rebellious nature.

In the local socio-ritual hierarchy they enjoy an upper-caste kshatriya status. After the downfall of Meena rule, Meena got split into 2 groups in Jaipur region chokidar and jamidar. Farmers were jamidar and warrior were chokidar. They kept raging guerilla warfare against Rajput rulers after the downfall of Meena rule in Dhundhar/Amer. They were warriors by profession and status-wise as well. Chaukidar Meenas are a branch of those Meenas, who during the later middle age adopted fighting against external attackers. they are found in Jaipur and it 's a nearby regions in Rajasthan of India. They are also Jamidar.

Most of history of Meenas is about chokidar Meena. They chose to guard villages instead of farming. They were of brave and independent nature and showed never bending attitude to Britishers and local Rajput rulers.

They were well known for their military services. Physically in general, Chaukidar Meenas were tall, handsome, well build and courageous and brave people.

They were one of the biggest threat to the British government in North India because they used to loot Britishers and local rulers and murdered some British officers who used to harassed poor people. and participated during the mutiny of 1857 against the British government, therefore, the British government declared them criminal tribes and imposed regulations after this those who didn't use to do farming started doing farming like jamidar Meena.

In present time chaukidars are also landlord much better than so-called jamidars.

The largest population clan in Chaukidar Meenas is Kanwat, Bhorayat, Bagdi, Jharwal, khoda, Jeph, and Mantwal.